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"Each year, the centre hands out one-year scholarships as assistant nurses to 25 young people who are orphans or from broken homes and poor".
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Photo and Content Source: Achara A. (Jan 2017). Bangkok Post: Temple of Dawn offers a beacon of hope

Each year, the center hands out one-year scholarships as assistant nurses to 25 young people who are orphans or from broken homes and poor. Among them are needy youths and children vulnerable to human trafficking or domestic violence.

The center has also introduced state-certified study courses for young people to learn some basic skills like computer work, English, Thai traditional dance, food and soap carving during the weekends.

The course runs between 50 and 60 hours and graduates receive a certificate in March every year. The center has been supplied with a list of needy girls by the Ministry of Education. This year the Ministry of Social Development will also send a similar list to the center.

"Father [Mr Hartanto] doesn't solve all our problems for us, but guides us to a solution. We need to think on our own but if we feel helpless, he is there for us to consult and seek advice."


"When I was in Mathayom 4, my parents said they couldn't afford to send me to school anymore. But my teacher helped me get through to the final year of secondary.

"She said there was a place that could help me get educated and it was here," said Ms Darunee, who is from a boat-dwelling family in Samut Sakhon.

She enrolled in the ninth batch of students at the centre three years ago. After a one-year assistant nursing course at Siam University in collaboration with Thonburi Hospital, she has been working as a nurse at Thonburi 1 Hospital for two years.


Ms. Darunee, a student

New Graduated CLC Wat Arun on Graduation

"Some were abused or were orphans. The center has helped them to find their feet again, with renewed confidence and independence" said Ms. Darunee (a student)


Photo Source: N.A. (March 2016). Flexible Learning Strategies: 127 disadvantaged girls successfully became nurses at a Community Learning Center in a temple (Thailand)

Scholarship Details


Our Community Learning Center Wat Arun welcomes volunteer involvement in a variety of areas and capacities. Volunteers may provide help to such things as: language instructions, cooking class, or helping to run special events. Please contact us for more details. 


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More scholarships mean everything for many needy who have a dream but cannot make it due to the financial crisis. Help them reach their dream.

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