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For Better Life

​Mission and Objectives
  • To help orphans, poor and disadvantaged children & youths receive equal opportunity in education      

  • To prevent children and youths from being trafficked and abused  

  • To help those youths to receive proper employment upon finishing their study and training with us

  • To provide scholarships as an option to continue their higher education in Bachelor Degree

  • To teach and train children & youths in right and good morality, ethics, discipline and self-development through the mind in order to be good citizens in the society

  • To maintain and promote Thai culture and tradition

For Better Community

Our Center also supports our students and the public to do many social activities such as cleaning communities, providing donation and hosting lunch/dinner for orphans and mentally/physically handicapped children, worldwide disaster relief support, free emergency/First Aid Relief at Section 6 of Wat Arun and many others activities.

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