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Food for Thought Food for Mind
In our daily life, everything we do is to care of the body since we are born
  1. Shower to clean the body

  2. Have breakfast, lunch, and dinner to feed the body so the body has an energy and be strong

  3. Exercise for a healthy body

  4. Taking vitamins for a healthy body


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  1. Have we done the same for mind every day?

  2. Have we showered or cleaned our mind every day?

  3. Have we fed the mind every day?

  4. Have you exercised the mind every day for a healthy mind?

  5. Have you given vitamin to the mind every day for a healthy mind?

If the answer is “no”, then we’d better-taking care of our mind daily like we all human beings do to take care of our body every day.

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Photo source: Bangkok Post, Temple of Dawn offers a beacon of hope, published 14th Jan 2017

Please keep in mind:

  1. Without the mind, this body will not move at all; it is the mind that order this body to get up, walk, run, jump and etc.

  2. Gun does not kill- Mind does.

      Note: It’s mind that order this body to pick up the gun and shoot)

  1. A bomb does not explode. Mind does. (It is the mind that set the bomb to explode)

  2. The real bomb is mind.

  3. All actions be that wholesome and unwholesome, good or evil are carried out by the mind.                                                                                   


The right meditation is the only way to:

  1. Shower or clean the mind

  2. Feed the mind

  3. Exercise the mind

  4. Give vitamin to the mind

A healthy life is having both a healthy mind and body. In a healthy mind, there is a guarantee a healthy body, but in a healthy body there is no guarantee of healthy mind.

Terrorists, criminals, pedophiles, corruptors, cheaters, liars and others all have clean, strong, healthy body but somehow or someway a sick, evil or dirty mind.
















The true purpose of meditation is to take care of our mind every day in order to gain wisdom. The wisdom that understands things as they really are, especially understands the law of nature, the law of karma, the law of cause and effect, the law of action-reaction as what it really is. Everybody knows the law, but no one understands. If everybody understands the law, he or she will start to meditate in order to prevent the consequences/ effects from not meditating (taking care of mind) daily.

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